David Berry

The man behind the monster.

David Berry was born into a great family, but not a "rodeo" family. That didn’t change what he felt inside or weaken his career choice. From being invited fresh out of high school to travel and enter rodeos with the likes of bull riding legends like Lane Frost, Tuff Hedeman, and Cody Custer, to being named the 1988 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Bull Riding Rookie of the Year, David Berry had a start in the pro ranks most only dream of.

Sometime after Frost’s untimely death however, the quiet kid from a small town went back there to gather his thoughts and try to get his future more in focus.  Monster Bull® was born there.

David Berry has never lost his passion for bulls and bull riding. As his competitive career in the arena ended, he channeled his energy into everything he could find related to the sport and when he couldn’t find what he wanted, he created it, such as being the originator and founder of industry leading Humps-N-Horns publication.

He’s produced successful bull riding events from the junior level on through to the PBR - complete with unique venues, original openings and sold out crowds.

He’s bred, raised and trained bucking bulls on the ranch his family has built that have been selected to buck at the PRCA’s National Finals Rodeo as well as the PBR World Finals.

His “Berry Blood” bulls have been named Bull Team Champions and Bull of the Finals at numerous events and associations.

These days, there’s nothing Berry would rather do than spend time on the ranch with his family - raising bulls that buck and helping those who want to ride them. That’s passion personified. That’s David Berry.