A Trump kind of Bull Rider

Making bull riders great again

(or "How to be a Trump kind of bull rider")

There’s no room for political correctness in bull riding. Fortunately, I’ve never been accused of being politically correct.  I will tell it like I see it regardless of who you voted for when it comes to bull riding. That being said, I’m going to approach this article from a fact based point of view even though I did vote to make America great again. The fact is – you need to be a Trump kind of bull rider if you want to succeed at it. You need to have that mind set. Your thought process will make or break you in bull riding. Here’s why:

1.     The bull understands winning. His survival to this point has depended on it. Even if you respect the bull or maybe even love the bull you have drawn, he’s your opponent. Appreciate but understand your opponent. He’s like a domestic terrorist. He may live near you quietly, but once the gate is opened, he doesn’t care if you live or not. He is offense. You are defense. The bull’s an enemy of the state when it comes to you riding him. He wants you off of his back every time. He may be a pet in the back pens, great in the chutes and easy to handle on the ground, but he doesn’t want you to ride him. You need to be prepared for this always in the chute or on his back. You need to show up well armed and well trained, just like a strong military.

2.     The bull is not a liberal. He doesn’t believe in taking care of everyone – especially those who don’t/won’t help themselves. Nature doesn’t subscribe to the idea of participation trophies in reproduction, in welfare at the feed trough, or in the “it takes a village” thought pattern after weaning age.  A bull know this. His mom abandoned him at about six months old and he never knew his dad, yet he’s still responsible for his successful survival. You need to be responsible for your end (gear, fitness, attitude, etc.) if you’re going to get him ridden.

3.     The bull has a job, a goal and a purpose. He succeeds at all of them. His job is to buck. His goal is to buck you off, even if it takes eight seconds. His purpose is to leave the arena without you on his back, get fed and maybe even meet a few heifers after. His job, goal and purpose don’t change. Yours shouldn’t either. As a successful bull rider, you need to be ready to ride (your job,) ready to ride for eight seconds (your goal,) and ready to enjoy the riding the next one afterwards (your purpose.)

4.     The bull earned his right to be a bucking bull. Chances are these days, the bull had every advantage to be a great bucker – great parents, great diet, great environment to grow up in, etc. Anyone who’s raised bulls knows this won’t guarantee a bull will buck. Bucking bulls must have the heart and will to buck day in and day out in all situations. That’s why they succeed long term. That’s why they go to rodeos and bull ridings while others go to the sale barn. That’s why the great ones retire to life in the cow pasture. The same is true with you, regardless of your background. Your heart (aka desire and passion) and will (aka dedication against all odds) make or break you in bull riding. Earn your right to be a long term successful bull rider by building on what lives inside of you – always in all ways.

If you go back and read the first sentence of each point made above, that’s how I think of President Trump. Like him or not, the man radiates confidence. He believes in himself 100%. He doesn’t acknowledge failure.

That’s how I felt about Lane and Tuff bull riding. Lane told me once that “there wasn’t a bull around that Tuff and I can’t ride.” They didn’t doubt themselves. Doubt doesn’t exist for winners. Winners don’t lose. They reorganize (after bankruptcy.) They regroup (after getting bucked off.) They win again. 

If you go back and read the last sentence of each point made above, that’s what I believe makes a great bull rider.  We all have options. We all have choices. In bull riding and in life, doubt is a decision, confidence is character building. What lives inside you? Build on that. 

Own your outcome.

When you’re ready to nod your head, I’ve got your back. Be a monster in the making.

David Berry

Holly BerryComment