20 questions With David Berry

Twenty questions? Really? Funny you should ask. Even funnier when the Monster in the Making® podcast host, David Berry, aka “the man behind the monster,” gets ambushed by his daughter and wife with a podcast subject this week. It’s a surprising, revealing, humorous, uplifting and sometimes eye-opening Q & A for everyone involved.

Episode 15 of Monster in the Making® started out with David asking (about an hour before recording the podcast, as usual,) ”So what do you guys think we should talk about today?” Happy to have his daughter home from her senior year in college for the weekend, David asked her to join in on the taping of this podcast episode. When she agreed, he handed over topic-deciding duty to her before driving off to feed the bulls.

After scrapping several ideas, Cheyenne decided this episode would be all about David, but he wouldn’t be told until the podcast taping had started and he had finished his opening monologue. Ha! Who other than family could hold your feet to the fire, come out unscathed and be ready to shoot a competitive game of pool with you afterwards?

This is an unscripted, unedited, unplanned, unexpected, un-boring podcast episode! We don’t know if it’s 20 or 200 questions. We just started off and followed where it led, and we’re just scratching the surface of who “the man behind the monster” is inside! If you enjoy it on iTunes, SoundCloud, or www.MonsterBull.com, leave us some feedback and send any questions you may have for our leader in round 2 of “20 Questions with David Berry” to podcast@monsterbull.com.

Until then –

Be you. Be real. Be better. Be a Monster in the Making®.


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