Chill Out, Peace Out or Freak Out

Life happens, and whether you think it happens to you or for you, you’re right. Either way, however, it will happen. You reaction (or lack thereof) to what goes on in your life each moment can enhance, endanger, energize or even eliminate your immediate future. Our reactions rule our lives. Each of us has a choice how to react. We can all choose the high road.

Episode 17 of the Monster in the Making® Podcast is called “Chill Out, Peace Out or Freak Out.” From playpens to politics, art to arguments, the rodeo arena to the roads we’re driving – our reactions define us. If we don’t take a moment to pause and to breathe before we react, our reactions can derail us. David and one of the podcast crew members are better at positively responding to many of life’s daily situations than the third member of the crew is. (One guess on who needs to improve the most…)

We all make mistakes. We all have room to grow. We all have things we’ve done we probably need to apologize for. That’s life. That’s normal. We should all practice reacting better until it comes natural. That’s the starting point for living better.

Episode 17 encourages us to take responsibility for our “respond ability.”

If this episode hits home with you, how are you going to react? Peace out and to listen the podcast on or by subscribing to SoundCloud or iTunes. We hope you’ll leave us your feedback with an email or review. And, like that third podcast crew member - who needs to improve their often less-than-productive, knee jerk reaction style before opening their mouth or hitting the “send” button - hopefully Episode 17 of the Monster in the Making® Podcast encourages you to chill out and peace out before out freak out.

Until then –

Be you. Be real. Be better. Be a Monster in the Making®.



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