Integrity - The Code Of The West

This week’s podcast takes a slightly different direction. With the events of this week’s political events broadcast and talked about everywhere you turn, knowing where to turn for the truth can get confusing.  Podcast 14 of Monster in the Making® takes a hard look at what integrity is and how it affects the choices we make on every level of life. Integrity is the defining fiber of the code of the west. Integrity is the primary necessity for a code of ethics.

Honesty, moral values, personal character, a strong sense of ethics – all of these are part of the core of what defines integrity. It’s the common characteristic of great leaders, great faith and great people. It’s doing the right thing when it’s unpopular. It’s doing the right thing when no one’s watching and/or may never even find out. It’s a powerful, peaceful, respectful way to create a win-win situation without having to “one-up” anyone on your way up.

Integrity should be the basis for every business, political, artistic, athletic, family, scientific, social and moral decision we make.  If not, who are we really kidding? And why?

David Berry and the Monster in the Making® crew speak from the heart in this episode. Integrity – personal, professional, political – should be ingrained in all of us. That’s what episode 14 is all about.

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Be you. Be real. Be better. Be a Monster in the Making® - with integrity.

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