Flipping Get Over It!

What do rock stars, country music legends, presidents of the United States (both Republican and Democrat,) and Monster in the Making® podcast host David Berry all have in common? They’ve all been documented “flipping people off.”  Some even consider it their signature move. What was centuries ago considered a vulgar gesture, has evolved in several different directions in recent decades. So flipping out when you get flipped off may be a sign of your age rather than an offending sign.

Are you the kind who can’t overlook things without over exaggerating them?  Do you go over the top on what you should be able to overcome? Over reacting is so over rated. Easily offended is so overboard. Get real. Get over it.  Episode 19 of the Monster in the Making® podcast is a flipping reality check worth checking out before you flip out. 

You can judge or you can use better judgement. There’s a hugely humbling difference. The choice is yours. Episode 19 is all about choosing your options. 

Either way, be you, be real, be better. Be a Monster in the Making. And don’t be offended. 

Holly BerryComment