The Law of Attraction – Round 3

Like the law of gravity, the law of attraction is universal. It’s powerful. It’s profound. It’s personal.  

David’s passionate about the power of the Law of Attraction. It’s a series he’s serious about.  Episode 25 in the Monster in the Making® podcast is round three in the series. It’s a continuation of his conversations with others about how recognizing this law helps you take responsibility for the results you get in your life every day – good or bad. David’s long-time friend, Jim Gwartney, is this episode’s guest. It’s a conversation they’ve had often over the years, but this time it got recorded.

David always says “there’s more.” Understanding and applying the law of attraction is a profound way to receive more. You get what you give. Give yourself more.

Be you. Be real. Be better. Be a Monster in the Making®.

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