The Law Of Attraction

You have thoughts. You have choices. You have control. Really. You do. You’ve probably heard that life’s not about what happens, it’s how you react to it. But what if you could affect what happens to you in your life each day? Episode 23 of the Monster in the Making® podcast begins to explore the law of attraction (a modern name for Biblical teachings) and how it applies to each of us equally. 

Gather up your 60,000 thoughts a day for about 60 minutes in this first episode in a series of podcasts on why and how we can each take more responsibility for the outcomes in our life on an ongoing basis. Relationships, occupations, finances, competitions, and more – if we think about it, we can affect it. 

Never quit growing. Now we got us a game. 

Be you. Be real. Be better. Be a Monster in the Making®.

Click Below to download your copy of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne:

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