Bounce Back

We are born bouncers. Bouncing babies, bouncing toys, bouncing walkers – pleasure from bouncing is in our DNA. Episode 13 of the Monster in the Making® podcast is called Bounce Back. As infants and children, bouncing is physically fun. As we grow, it’s mentally mandatory. How fun it is as adults is up to us. 

Bouncing has consequences. Landing wrong hurts. A bad bounce can break things. By definition, bouncing is an abrupt change of direction after an impact. This can be physical or mental. Maturity helps us determine the outcome and direction after the impact. Our reactions at that point shape our future paths.

As David says, “Life bucks. Ride it.” And bucking is just another form of bouncing. Regardless of what started things bouncing in your life today, if you bounced back better, then your instincts overcame the impact. Your try exceeded the trauma. Reactions have consequences. Control and direct your reactions to get the results you crave.

When it comes to achieving your goals and dominating your dreams, how you bounce back is your answer to the third question in David’s favorite saying:

1.       What do you want?

2.       How bad do you want it?


Bouncing is just energy redirected after an impact – small or large, mental or physical, real or imagined. Success is a process. Bouncing is part of that. Rule the bounce. Understand, overcome and enjoy it

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Be you. Be real. Be better. Be a Monster in the Making®.




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