Like a Dragon Slayer on Wheels….

Are you willing to accept the consequences of you decisions? That’s a major milestone in maturity. Are you willing to succeed beyond negative consequences of your decisions? That’s a major marker of who you are as a person. The more extreme your original decision, the more extreme the consequences. By both measures, former bull rider Roy Dell Barnes is an extreme guy. He’s a dragon slayer on wheels.

A bull riding accident in 1986 left Roy Dell paralyzed. He exchanged two feet for four wheels and has never looked back. David Berry can testify to this. He was there the night it happened. He and Roy Dell were friends before and still. Episode 27 of the Monster in the Making® podcast is a conversation with Roy Dell. This podcast is the definition of David’s favorite saying: What do you want? How bad do you want it? and What are you willing to do about it?

From the topics such as the accident by the numbers, to being raised twice, to bringing yourself back to center – this podcast is a wagon-load of intriguing, inspiring and introspective thoughts on being who you are meant to be – and you will laugh through it all!

Where you are or what you’re doing are not who you are. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, who you are defines everything. Roy Dell Barnes is living proof. He’s a dragon slayer on wheels. He’s a Monster in the Making® everyday. 

Be you. Be real. Be better. Be a Monster in the Making®. Roll on…



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