Your Money – earn it, win it, save it.

If the only thing holding you back is money, then you are the problem. Bull riding is not the lottery. When you win the lottery once, you are probably set for life. You are going to have to win many bull ridings at the highest levels – PBR, NFR, etc. – over a long period of time to be even remotely financially sound.  It is possible. This week’s Monster in the Making® podcast is about making it easier to nod your head, before you even get there.

Even when you’re riding percentage is high, you are not going to win every time. Having a financial cushion to get through the non-winning times is a huge part of your mindset each time you ride.  Hell, it’s a huge part of each time you get out of bed. Knowing you have enough money to continue to achieve your goals in the arena is a mental game changer. You can win it. You can earn it with a job. You could do both. Why not be the world champion with a side hustle?

Earn money. Win money. Save money. Before you take over in the arena, take over your finances. You can. True winners dominate in every area of life. Discipline your priorities.

Becoming a Monster in the Making® with your finances – regardless of how much you win, earn or inherit each day – will help you become a Monster in the Making® in any arena. 

Be you. Be real. Be better. Be financially better. Be a Monster in the Making®.

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