Passion and Low Self Esteem

Passion and low self esteem aren’t usually used in the same phrase. That’s no big deal because the Monster in the Making® podcast is not usual. Host David Berry even less so. David Berry is passionate about low self esteem and getting past it. He’s lived it. He understands it. He’s conquering it. He wants to pass his experiences on to the people he connects with.

Whether you are putting yourself through it, wanting to get over it or dealing with it with those around you – you should get passionate about handling low self esteem. You can be more. You’re worth more.

In Episode 31 of the Monster in the Making® podcast, you’ll feel how much energy David puts into this subject. It’s probably the most passionate he’s been about any topic to date in the series. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be affected by low self esteem, you’ll find valuable ways to improve your own thought processes. It really is that good.

Be you. Be real. Be better. Be confident that you are a Monster in the Making® - a great one!

Holly BerryComment