Effort - Lack of or Stack of - Your Choice

We choose our battles daily – what to do (or not,) where to go (or not,) how much to spend (or not,) etc. The bigger the battle, the more effort it takes to come out on top. To win even the smallest battles takes some effort, physical and/or mental. And when your battle is with a bovine beast, your effort or lack thereof can make or break you, physically, mentally and financially. Winning bull riders know this.

Being a Monster in the Making® is about trying to win the battles in your life every day, every way, every time. Your education, experience and especially your continuous effort will help you champion your choices. That’s why Episode #32 of the Monster in the Making® podcast is called “Effort - Lack of or Stack of - Your Choice.” Because your effort is like your attitude, it really is your choice.

Your level of knowledge and life lessons help you make better choices. Better effort makes your choices happen more often.

Be you. Be real. Be better. Be a Monster in the Making®. Make the effort.

Holly BerryComment