The Gate of Fear

He’s baaaaack. After a short break from creating podcasts for bull rider’s brain cells, David Berry, the Bull God, is mic’d back up again and his energy and insights are through the roof - or the chute gate as he explains in Podcast 33 of Monster in the Making® called “The Gate of Fear.”

The gate opens to start a bull ride when you nod your head. Nodding your head is a decision. Decisions start things in motion. For some, the decision to begin the ride is a hard one. For many of us, the gate of fear is real and it’s a large, heavy one.

Fear exists. Fear can limit our options if we allow it to.

We can delay it, dodge it or even deny it, but if we willingly brought ourselves to the gate, we should open it. The gate of fear is usually the way to greater things, if we choose to open it.

Two choices – vapor lock or victory. This podcast helps you recognize the gate of fear and deal with it.

Gates are made to travel through. Nod your head. Finish your journey. You can. David puts the gate of fear in perspective in this podcast. Open it. Then…

Be you. Be real. Be better. Be a Monster in the Making®.

Life bucks. Ride it. Open the gate first.



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