Mentally Mastering Your Mistakes

Things don’t always go your way. No one always wins. Happens every day to everyone. Major or minor, you are going to make mistakes. However, your mistakes don’t have to make you. You choose how to handle them. Every time.  

Episode 34 of the Monster in the Making® podcast is about creating better “next times.” David works on putting into perspective what really happened and building forward on that – in the arena, on the ranch and in our lives each day. In this episode, he talks about only letting your emotions add positive energy to achieving better outcomes.

Magnifying your mistakes keeps you from moving forward. Acknowledging them for what they are and acting on correcting them gives you energy. It takes energy to think. It takes energy to create. It takes energy to move. Think about creating positive energy to move forward from every mistake. You can.

You will win. You will lose. You can win again. Perspective makes it possible.

Keep things in perspective. When it comes to improving after any kind of mistake - eliminate your emotions to optimize your outcomes. Mentally master your mistakes, then move forward.

Life brings challenges. Champions challenge their selves to react positively to each situation life brings.

Be you. Be real. Be better. Be a Monster in the Making®. Be a life champion.

Holly BerryComment