Whether bucking or simply breathing,  
our bulls are our passion.

We are so fortunate to spend everyday simply enjoying the time we get to be near our bulls.  

Getting to ride one is just gravy.

             From them growing to growling - online or on their back - come enjoy the ride with us.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

To us, the bulls are beautiful – to watch, to hear, to feed off of their energy.

 Photo courtesy of Pat Turner

Photo courtesy of Pat Turner

We are like kids in a candy store when we go up to feed them every day.

Most days, just gathering the monsters can be more fun than a kindergarten field trip to the zoo.

“Berry Blood” is how we refer to our herd. They are the product of years of hand selection and cross breeding our own cattle to enhance genetic traits. We own the cows. We own the bulls. We build our heard with their calves. Heck, we even flank the heifers to see if they will fit the herd. We are grateful to be raising proven bucking bulls to fit the goals of every level rider from bucket list to big time.

We've bred, raised, and trained award winning bucking bulls for over two decades at the Berry Ranch in Locust Grove, OK. Our bulls have been selected to buck at the PRCA’s National Finals Rodeo as well as the PBR World Finals. Several “Berry Blood” bulls have also been named “Bull of the Finals” and been Bull Team Champions in numerous events and associations as well.