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Help for all skill levels. 

Berry Ranch - Locust Grove, OK.
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Coached Practice

There are many different reasons to choose to a bull riding school. There are lots of bull riding schools to choose from. There’s only one Coached PracticeTM.

One of the most important reasons is to learn and build on the correct fundamentals. One of the other things at the top of the list in choosing a school is the level of stock available for you to learn on. When it comes to this point in particular, all schools are not the same.  There is a difference at a Monster Bull®Coached PracticeTM. 


Quarterbacks don't practice getting sacked. T-ballers don't use fast speed pitching machines. Bull riding's the same. You can't work on what you can't stay on. You need to be on the level of stock that best suits your skill level and goals. To improve, you need to be on stock you can make a mistake on and still be riding. At Coached Practice, I'll assign, monitor and evaluate the stock you get on before, during and after each ride for each rider to give you the best opportunity to improve. 


My name is David Berry. My passion is raising bulls that buck and being around the guys who want to ride them - beginners to winners. I'm not Hollywood's version of cowboy on the outside. On the outside, my long hair and dress code won't make me the Marlboro man. On the inside, to the core, I'm cowboy. I rode bulls. I raise bulls. I am for bull riders. I was and am successful at all of them. I won't hold your hand, but I've got your back. I've been doing this for over three decades now. 

To spend a day with me is like walking into a bull rider's playground. Sometimes players get dirty and things can get a little rough. However, I do have some rules here at the Berry Ranch. Rule #1 is to try to have fun riding bulls. I very seldom ever break that rule. I take your dedicated, committed bull rider’s outlook on life seriously, but there's no reason not to seriously enjoy it at the same time. 




Ground school - Build proper techniques before you get on livestock.  This may include working on stationary equipment, riding horses bareback, balance exercises, etc.


Riding stock -  The fun part. You'll ride the appropriate level stock with live coaching and video feedback for each ride. We've got your back from the the time you walk into the arena until the time you walk out.


  • You'll learn more about gravity. What goes up must come down.
    The law of gravity applies during and after each ride. Gravity can build greatness.

  • You'll learn more about fitness. Bull riding is not a strength sport.
    We'll help you build the correct muscle memory and improve your balance for riding bulls.

  • You'll get real help. We're here to help you improve.
    Both inside and outside of the arena - with your riding, your outlook and/or your equipment - our focus is you.

Being challenged in life is inevitable.

Being defeated is optional.


how to sign up

Registering for a Monster Bull event has never been easier. We've moved out of the stone age and made paying easier as well. Clicking the link above will take you to the store. All of the necessary forms and payment options to sign up for a Coached Practice can easily be found there. And as always, you can call or email with any questions if you can’t find the answers you need here. Your feedback is always welcome and we appreciate the chance to improve your experiences with Monster Bull!


Kinda like being a marine - once a bull rider, always a bull rider! You can change your clothes or change your address, but the feeling you feel inside about riding bulls never changes. We like to call this common ground the “Bucking Brotherhood.” We share your passion and welcome your company.    

The Bucking Brotherhood is for life. Welcome to the 'hood. 





Monster Bull P.O. Box 488
Locust Grove, OK 74352

David Berry

Email: david@monsterbull.com
Phone: (918) 798-8357

Holly Berry

Email: holly@monsterbull.com
Phone: (918) 639-0924