Welcome to
the world of select bull Riding


What is a Select Bull Riding?

Monster Bull® Select Bull Riding is an event for intermediate and advanced level bull riders to compete in the same arena on the same day against more entries than would usually show up at an event catering to a specific skill level, age, or gender of bull riders. Everyone enters one event and pays the same entry fee. When they enter, the bull riders selects the level of stock they wish to compete on that day. Level 1 bulls are historically marked 20 points and above. Level 2 bulls are historically marked 19 points and below. Rider’s choice.


How does it work?

All the entry fee money goes into one pot. All of the added money goes into the pot as well. Level 1 payoff is 60% of the pot. 40% goes to the Level 2 payoff. This is regardless of how many are entered in each level. Each level only competes against riders entered in that level. Each level pays a minimum of two places for qualified eight second ride. Standard stock charges / fees will be subtracted from riders’ entry fees, not including the added money, as normal.

Stock is selected for each level based on their proven history of outs and scores in that level. That being said, if an animal placed in either level has a better or worse trip than historically normal, the ride will not automatically receive a reride. Rerides will be granted at judges’ decision based on normal reride options.

Can anyone enter either DIVISION?

Everyone has different reasons for entering including skull level, injury status, personal goals, etc. At this time, anyone can enter either division, but not both. Riders must call in to enter. Riders may not change level entered after call-in’s are complete.

Who’s behind this?

 David Berry, Creator        Select Bull Riding

My name is David Berry. In my decades of dedication with Monster Bull® at all levels in this sport, I’d be willing to bet I’ve assigned more bulls to more cowboys, and more cowboys to more bulls, than anyone in the world. In many different settings, I’ve been able to successfully match the appropriate level of stock, both individually and/or as a group, to all skill levels of riders to help them meet their goals when they nod their head that day. From this experience, I’ve recognized the need / gap / void that exists in the sport of bull riding from a competitive level. This original concept in bull riding events - from format to production to payout - is my idea. This is the next chapter in my history of “raising bulls, raising bull riders, and raising the bar.”

I created Monster Bull® Select Bull Riding to provide a competitive format to more bull riders of various skill levels at one event, where each level has a chance to get paid. This has never been done before in the history of bull riding. So from a bull rider’s point of view, history just nodded its head. Welcome to Monster Bull® Select Bull Riding.

If you think bull riding’s fun now, just wait.

No one can be everything to everybody, but when you make each decision considering the best interests of everyone involved,
great things happen. That’s my goal with Monster Bull® Select Bull Ridings.

When you nod your head, I’ve got your back, so…
Be you. Ride select.

David Berry, CEO
Monster Bull® and Select Bull Riding